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Packed with industry big-hitters, this podcast really isn’t just about ‘tree people’.

With episodes focusing on mental health and the benefits green space brings, to designing new cities when putting the green infrastructure first, it is a global account of what is happening now in the huge movement that is encompassed by the term ‘Climate Change’. 

Trees have a huge part to play, as do we, and the inciteful interviews go a long way to explaining how we can all help to make things better for future generations.  

To find your interview, type the name of the show guest below.


From the tree root radar root exploration of the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest to the Burghley oak in Lincolnshire and more, you’ll be able to see what we get up to in the films we make about trees and the environment.

The Tree Lady Talks virtual band produces music to accompany the podcast and the films it produces from the studio on site. 

With state of the art equipment and experience in the music business at the heart of its success, they create the perfect themes and jingles to enhance everything we do.




Sharon Hosegood Associates Ltd

Arboricultural Consultancy

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