Burghley Tree Radar Theme

Burghley Tree Radar – The Theme

It was important to develop a sense of anticipation from the start, with the drive to Lincolnshire very early on in wet, blustery conditions, which would not prove to be ideal for areal filming.

Burghley is a most beautiful setting, home of one of the most famous 5 star three day events in the world, and with an abundance of veteran trees and fantastic grounds.

SHA was commissioned to investigate the rooting behaviour of a veteran oak tree, and so with a combination of cutting edge technology and beautiful surroundings, the studio wanted to create tension, combine it with grace for the reveal of the house at the end of the film, and that would require the full orchestra feel that arrives with the aerial shot of Burghley House.

The high shots which accompanied the Ancient Tree Forums visit to the tree were fantastic to film and at least one red kite came asking questions about what was going on – clearly able to out-manouever any man-made device I took the sensible option and aborted till later in the day, or whilst said kite was asleep.

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