Major Oak Tree Radar Theme

The Major Oak

The Major Oak- The Theme

Shot over one day in Sherwood Forest, and dovetailing the BBC Springwatch feature on the Major Oak, Sharon Hosegood Associates did a TreeRadar exploration of the rooting habits of one of the worlds oldest and most iconic oak trees. 

For the music track, a sense of anticipation was required as the detail emerged of what the tree could have been in roman times; a waypoint for travellers, part of a system of early navigation to help people safely get from one place to another. It’s not exactly Google maps, but everything’s relative. 

Moody strings followed the drone footage over the forest and the canopy of the tree creating a mystical feel that suited the myths and legends that the tree harbours – of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Maid Marion and bounty to give to the poor, probably hidden in this very tree at some point in history. 

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