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Producer Tree Lady Talks.


An episode is a show – not just a conversation.

Noel D-H



How do we produce a TLT podcast?

The first thing that happens is a pre-production meeting to decide what type of show format is needed, and this is dictated by the amount of guests being interviewed. 

A multi-interview show generally lends itself, due to length, to a soundscape at the front, an interval in the middle and a decent wrap at the end without repeating too much of what has gone before.

Once the interview is conducted, the main parts are edited on Logic Pro X, and then proofed by Sharon prior to air date. 

Noel will decide on what musical background needs to be applied, and will also compose bespoke music with accompanying library sound effects to create virtual situations – something which the national lockdowns of 2020/21 have been very suitable to do, as nobody has been allowed to travel.  

Editing is the most time consuming part of a podcast show production, because we are not in control of our interviewee’s sound, and this is where Noel’s experience as a musical engineer has helped to create smooth, rich vocal sounds and production quality backing tracks for each episode. 

For more information and to hear the jingles and soundscapes created for the shows, go to the production tab on this site.

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