Jingles form an integral part of your brand identity.  When creating jingles and background music for the show, we make sure we fit the style to the episode.  We also note themes at the time of the episode. For example, in   ‘If You’re Feeling Rotten’, we suggest that a Tree Lady Talks podcast may be the perfect way to make your day feel better, make you feel better. In ‘Cruise Liner’, which was recorded in the 2nd National Lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we envisaged people being stuck in places they necessarily didn’t want to be in, like a cruise liner, and ask them to while away some time listening to an episode. 

Jingles and instrumental background music for the podcast are written to episode specific briefs. The Woodland Trust, for example, a two part epic set of interviews, required some background music for the dialogue to help the listener through, and so an orchestral instrumental was written to sit at the back in some of the interviews in part one.

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Noel began his professional career in music by writing a 30″ advert for Bally Shoes, commissioned by leading advertising agency J. Walter Thompson.

With his brother Barry, a sound engineer at Vineyard Studios, later to be bought by production powerhouse Stock, Aitken & Waterman, they formed the Music Shop in 1982, and composed jingles for companies including Elida Gibbs, Birds Eye, Cadbury and many others.

This Harmony Hairspray advert, written by Noel, was one of many for the brand Elida Gibbs, including Sunsilk Shampoo.

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