Let us create a jingle specifically for your brand.

From 5″ to 30″ for idents, and any time limit for background themes from blues to rock to classical, instrumental backcloths to enhance your episodes. 


Do you want to explode your podcast into life with a custom made soundscape, layered up into the perfect virtual setting? 

Let us create an atmosphere for a special episode to take the listener into a virtual setting and optimise their listening experience!

Below is a link for the Highlights Show from season 1 of Tree Lady Talks, set in a virtual restaurant, with all interviewees represented by monitors housing their interviews. Noel wanders round and picks on a few to show what went on in series 1.

Fed up with ‘umms‘ and ‘aahs‘ and pauses, people talking over each other and generally creating an experience which isn’t relaxing to listen to? 

We can edit your interviews to make them sound professional and treat the vocals so that they sound just like they should. Of course, we can’t get rid of plane noise or angle-grinders whilst somebody is speaking, but we can make the overall sound optimal in quality and help drive up your download figures.

Multiple interviews or just single one-offs, click below for The Woodland Trust Special, Part One, in which we interviewed 5 speakers!

Contact Noel with your requirements

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