Producing a Show


Soundscapes are an integral part of ‘specials’ – episodes which we like to enhance by adding a scene to the beginning of a show.

This is entirely dependant on the guest. Our friend Henry Kuppen, from Holland, was delighted when we asked if it would be ok to invent a scene in a Dutch open-air market which Sharon had travelled to in order to sing a Christmas carol in dutch.

Equally, Pete Wharton, Director of Wharton Natural Infrastructure and host of ‘Natures Architects‘, his own podcast, would be happy for us to mistake him for Pete Waterman, the legendary Music producer, and the buyer of Vineyard Studios, where Noel’s jingle company began.

In an episode that courted some controversy,  Julian Forbes-Laird, an ex-President of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, was happy to end up in a ‘virtual court’, as we engineered a situation where Noel was up in the dock and needed a good  Brief to defend him in a made-up scenario.

At the end of Season 1 we invented a restaurant dinner setting, with many of the season’s interviewees being represented by  monitor screens on dining tables, as, due to lockdown, going out was forbidden.


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